Cheesy Summer Squash

Cheesy Summer Squash

I’ll begin with a favorite, a throwback to a late winter meal, one of my last with my suitemates before graduating this past May. The below picture isn’t mine, my version of this is heartier, the squash valleys filled up and piled higher with melted cheese, curling and crisping around the edges. The following entry was written on the 24th of this past February, and captures the ideal that everything one eats should be delicious, if not also healthy, affordable, and filling.

Roasted squash, halved raw, with the insides spooned out, and olive-oiled with a paintbrush (we get real resourceful round here).

Cheesy Summer Squash

2 yellow squash
1/2 red onion
1 clove garlic, minced
olive oil
goat cheese
grated cheese of your choice
dried herbs
salt and pepper

This can be heavenly and is always really cheap. After oiling up the halves, you fry up the onions, adding in the garlic after a couple of minutes. Sprinkle goat cheese in the bottom of each squash half, then cover in sauteed onions. S & P.

Cover in whatever grated cheese you have. Mexican cheese works just as well as Monterey Jack (two that frequent my fridge). Sprinkle on some Thyme or Oregano, or Herbes de Provence.

Put the squash into the preheated oven at around 375 degrees (maybe for people with non-rickety child-like tiny-sized ovens, it’s a different story- maybe 400, maybe less, who knows) and hang in there. I’ve cooked this for friends maybe fifteen times now this year, and we still don’t know how long it takes. At least 30 minutes, give or take the few where you’re distracted by hunger and keep letting all the hot air out of the oven to look inside. The squash is done when you can slice into it easily with a fork.

Tonight, we ate it with mushrooms fried with garlic, and a side of broccoli sprinkled with black pepper and Parmesan, and our favorite five dollar wine. The mushrooms were leftover ($1), and the broccoli, onion, and cheese were from the dining hall heist we had earlier aka free! (but for our purposes here, I’ll put in some cost estimates).

Meal Cost:
2 squash- $8 (I know, outrageous)
garlic- $0.20
2 oz goat cheese- $3.00
1/2 cup Mexican cheese mix- $2.00
herbes de provence- pantry
salt and pepper- pantry

Total Calories:
squash- 80
onion- 30
garlic- 4
goat cheese- 160
Mexican cheese mix- 200

SO that’s $13.30 altogether for a two-person meal. If you are not a member of a captive audience (retirement home/jail/college), you probably have a grocery store with somewhat more reasonable squash prices. I think this could easily be a two-person $9 meal.

AND that’s 237 calories per person!

A cup of broccoli with Parmesan, plus a cup of mushrooms and garlic comes out to 75 calories, which means that the total meal calorie count here was 311 calories!

Questions? Comments?


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