Pan Bagnat

1 wide baguette or hearty French loaf
Fresh basil leaves (or ½ tsp dried)
2 6-oz cans of tuna
handful of pitted black olives, chopped
½ medium red onion, chopped
3 eggs, hard-boiled and sliced
Half a lemon, juiced
2 cloves garlic, cut in half
1 tomato, sliced
Red wine vinegar
Sea salt and black pepper
Olive oil

I am totally in love with sandwiches. As much as I try to generally keep the carbs in my diet low, my weakness is definitely sandwiches. I used to dream about eventually opening a sandwich shop, but someway through the last school year, we ran out of enough money for bread and I forgot about it, concentrating more on crafting elegant dinner dishes from scratch (and broke)- which is how this whole kinda eating lifestyle got born. But while I think sandwiches are a sometimes food, they’re still one of my fave food genres.

So my dad went to The Motherland last week, and I made him a Pan Bagnat for the trip, so he didn’t have to buy something outrageously expensive and junky at the airport. The Pan Bagnat is essentially a Salade Nicoise, but on bread (give or take a couple ingredients, depending on your style). Or you could see it as a schmancy tuna salad kinda deal. I only had time to press the sandwich for about a half hour before he had to leave to catch his flight, but he said it still turned out great! (So we can ignore the purist attitude about overnight pressing.)

Slice the baguette in half length-wise. Scoop out some of the inside bread fluff to create a valley. Brush each valley lightly with olive oil and then rub each with a piece of garlic. Line the bottom half with fresh basil leaves (or a sprinkling of dry basil).

Drain the tuna (unless it’s that fancy oil-packed kind and your bread is extra thick). In a bowl, combine the tuna, olives, and onion. Juice half a lemon into the bowl, and add in a splash of vinegar. Mix with a fork. S & P.

Layer tomato slices over the tuna mix. Follow with slices of hard-boiled egg. (I removed most of the yolk because my dad’s supposed to be watching his cholesterol.)

Top the sandwich with the basil-lined bread of half and press down. Tightly wrap the whole thing in saran wrap. Put it in a baking sheet and top with another baking sheet, which you should fill with 4 to 6 heavy cans. Wait 20 minutes, before opening the plastic, and slicing into several pieces.

I don’t have an end-pic for obvious reasons, but here’s someone else’s for you to crush over!


Meal Cost: 
Baguette- $1.50
Basil- free (from my garden- or, if dried, from the pantry)
2 cans of tuna- $1.20
Olives- $1.00
Onion- $.05
Eggs- $.30
Lemon- $.50
Garlic- $.30
Tomato- $.40
Others- pantry

Total Calories:
Baguette- 360
2 cans of tuna- 240
Olives- 50
Onion- 25
Eggs (two yolk-less)- 102
Lemon juice- 6
Tomato- 25
Olive oil- 120

SO, that’s a total of $5.25. And for three people, around 310 calories each!


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