Salad Dressed in Orange

This 4-ingredient salad is simple, but with the dressing, finds a great balance between savory and sweet. Good for a solo lunch, or as the opening small plate for a dinner party.

2 handfuls mixed greens
2 medium tomatoes, quartered
¼ red onion, halved horizontally & thinly-sliced
1 navel orange, peeled & sliced vertically into 8 slivers

Serves 1.

Orange Dressing:
2 tsp orange zest, minced
½ cup fresh orange juice
4 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp Dijon mustard
12 tbsp grapeseed oil
½ tsp pepper
1 tsp salt

The average orange yields about 6 tbsp of liquid, so juice two to be sure, and then measure out the ½ cup. Before doing any juicing, remember to first use one of the oranges for zest.

Next, microwave each orange for 10 seconds. When you take them out, place each under each of your palms, and while applying some pressure, roll them around a counter-top for a few seconds. Both these techniques will help the fruit to release more juice when squeezed. (If using fresh lemon juice, purchase a single lemon, and prep with the same two steps.)

In a bowl, mix together the zest, mustard, and the orange and lemon juices. S & P. Pour in your grapeseed oil in a steady, slow stream, while whisking to mix it in well. This recipe yields about 1 cup of dressing. Drizzle it over your salad, and refrigerate the rest in a lidded glass jar.

Meal Cost:
2 cups mixed greens- $0.25
2 medium tomatoes- $0.50
¼ red onion- $0.25
3 farmer’s market navel oranges- $1.50
1 lemon- $0.30
Dijon mustard- pantry or fridge
grapeseed oil- pantry
pepper- pantry
salt- pantry

Total Calories:
mixed greens- 15
tomatoes- 40
red onion- 15
orange- 64
orange zest- 4
orange juice- 69.5
lemon juice – 6
Dijon mustard- 10
12 tbsp grapeseed oil- 1440

Serving size for vinaigrette is usually 2 tbsp. This dressing recipe yields 16 tbsp, which means it’ll last for 8 servings. That’s 191 calories per person. This salad dish serves one, and so its total is 325 calories. The total cost for this dish (plus 7 more servings worth of dressing) is $2.80!


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