Eggs en Cocotte, for Two

Perfect for a date, for a new and young afternoon with a crush that has sent you newly reeling. This eggs en cocotte recipe is rich and thick, yolky and creamy- and calls out to be eaten slowly, savored, with another.

Eggs en Cocotte, for two
2 slices bacon
4 tsp heavy cream
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tsp minced basil and thyme, fresh from the garden
2 eggs
salt & pepper

thickly sliced Italian bread, for toast soldiers
good quality butter

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

Oil a skillet and fry up your bacon however you like it. Remove from pan, let cool a few minutes, and then finely dice it up.

Place your two baking cups on an oven tray. Pour a little sip or two of the cream in each. Scatter a little minced garlic in next, followed by most of the diced bacon and the herbs. Another sip of cream. Then, carefully, crack an egg over the mixture in each cup. If there’s cream left, if you’d like, you can pour in just enough to cup the yolk. (It’s good to leave the yolk visible, so you can figure out when the dish is ready.) Top by sprinkling on the rest of the bacon, as well as a small sprinkle of thyme or a torn basil leaf. S & P.

Bake the eggs for 15 minutes, or until the whites have set, but the yolks are still soft. Toast your bread and cut it into soldiers to dip in the soft yolk and cream.

I suggest you serve this beauty with potatoes- parboiled the night before and fast-fried in a splash of olive oil the morning of- and thinly sliced sweet yellow onion, slowly caramelized in a splash of real (or fake) butter. May need to be followed with a cat nap, to help you both recover- or an afternoon lazing in the garden

Meal Cost:
bacon- $0.50
cream- $0.50
garlic- $0.10
herbs- free from the garden or pantry
eggs- $0.20
bread- $0.75
fake/real butter- pantry or fridge

Total Calories:
2 slices bacon- 109
2 tsp heavy cream- 68
1 clove garlic- 4
2 eggs- 140
2 slices Italian bread- 160
1 tbsp butter (on bread)- 100

The cost actually comes out to probably less than my average. But for time’s sake, let’s say that the total cost is about $2.00, and the number of calories per person is 290.50! (That’s low enough on both ends that I’m tempted to add in some mushrooms and another egg the next time around). Of course, if you also fry up the recommended diced potato (one per person) and onion mix in a little olive oil, the calorie intake per person is more like 415! I dare ya.


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