Fast Frittata

Here’s a BEAUTIFUL Quick Fix for you that also helps you finish off any halves of fresh vegetables, leftover grilled onions and peppers, cooked chicken or sausage or even deli meats in amounts not quite big enough to feature as a main ingredientand all those other bits of things you spent money on and therefore are going to stubbornly not throw away.

(Unless you fell for that “calorie-free gelatin” craze too- don’t ask, I was young & foolish- and have a pantry shelf full of agar-agar. DON’T use that. For this recipe or any recipe.)

The only ingredient you REALLY need is an egg or two. Or six, if you’re looking for the fantastically fleshed-out beauty down below. I’ll run you through the jist but this isn’t really a recipe, it’s an experiment- I trust you to do me proud.


SO: chop everything! Set aside. Turn on your oven to broil.

Mince some garlic, dice an onion.

In a bowl, beat six eggs until light and frothy. Take out a sizable saucepan (with a decent depth) and heat over a medium-low flame. PAM it and add in the garlic and onion.

When the onions become translucent, throw in everything else. Ever. (At this point, if you have a scallion handy, slice it up thinly on a nice diagonal slant and set aside.) I like to let it all brown a little, crisp up, so I just use the spatula to toss everything around every few minutes to avoid burning.

Note: I’m assuming you know that raw ingredients will need some more time to cook- so if you need to simmer down some chopped bell peppers in a different pan first, go right ahead and insert that step before any of mine. Also, if you need to cook meat, that obviously needs to be done in a separate pan, and you need to be extra obsessive about keeping your hands clean and not pawing over raw bloody stuff and moving right to snacking on a few of the leftover potato slices.  You know.

Pour in your egg mix! Make sure it gets all around the pan, it’s gonna be the glue holding it all together. Let it cook for a few minutes, so the bottom and sides start holding together.

Spice it up time: again, you can use whatever you want. I generally go for some good shakes of dried oregano, basil, maybe some red pepper flakes. S&P. Or, I could go for the simple standard, toss in a good deal of Cajun seasoning (seriously), and maybe set out the Tabasco or Frank’s on the table for some lazy drizzling. Each to their own.

Put the pan on the top shelf of your oven, right under the broiler. Shut the oven and wait only a short couple of minutes to remove your dish. If your pan has a plastic handle, don’t close the oven door. Just put a mitt on and stand holding the pan underneath the broiler until the eggs have set.

Pull out of the oven and set on the stove. Top with a sprinkling of the sliced scallion.

Use a cake slice or pizza cutter to cut into slices and serve. Depending on the depth of your pan, you may want to add additional spices or S&P, so keep ’em handy. Also because dryness can also be an issue sometimes, if I have them, I like to chop one or two tomatoes and add a few chunks to each plate, to add some juiciness to your forkfuls.

Bon appétit!

This breakfast/lunch/supper/dinner should feed about 6 people, or 4 very ravenous ones.

One egg is 70 calories, six eggs is therefore 420. The majority of this dish is generally a selection of veg, so it’s chock full of nutrients and there’s no real need to worry about calories. But if you go ahead adding pepperoni or hunks of brie, you can’t blame me for anything: I always suggest looking up nutritive values & calorie counts in case you’re unsure (or should be).


2 responses to “Fast Frittata

    • It’s more what spices I feel like people are most likely to have…but Cajun seasoning IS my bff. They sell it in most dollar stores and if you only have a single ingredient, you can turn it into a meal with Cajun seasoning. Magic!

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