Mexican (ish) Eggs & Black Beans Brunch with Salsa & Avocado

Happy Sunday, fellow brunchers! Mix yourselves up your favorite drink & let’s get to it: a fresh & exciting medley of maybe-authentic-but-probably-not-and-who-cares-it’s-fab “Mexican” ingredients.

I’m taking suggestions for a catchy title for this dish- preferably one that does not run more than one line, yet also hints at the range of delights within…but isn’t too misleading about ethnic influence. Okay, go! Leave your title idea in the comments below!

Mexican (ish) Brunch!

2 medium tortillas
2 eggs
1 handful favorite melty cheese, grated

Salsa Fresca
2-3 tomatoes, chopped
1/2 red onion, diced
Canned jalapeño slices, minced (to taste)
1/2-1 lime, juiced

Not-Guac Avocado…Delight
1 avocado
Cajun seasoning
olive oil
S & P

1 can black beans
1-2 cloves garlic, minced
2 scallions, sliced
canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, minced (to taste)
chili powder and/or paprika (to taste)
S & P

Mash avocado in a bowl with a fork.


Drizzle in a bit of olive oil & mix in, so the not-guac (called such just because it’s too intense for chip dip, but is just the right level of WOW WHAT UH for a one-of-many complement) becomes more of a paste. If you want to, add in a few shakes of Cajun seasoning, plus salt and pepper, to taste.


Mix. Set aside.


Take out medium-sized bowl. Chop tomatoes and dice onion.


Place in bowl. Mix in minced jalapeño slices- this step really depends on your personal heat preference, so you may want to add some in bit by bit, mix it up, and taste-test. Microwave a lime for 10 seconds to get it willingly juicy, then juice in a half. Taste-test. Add more if and as necessary. Add salt, to taste.

Set aside.


Take out medium-sized pot and set it over a medium-low flame. Tip in your can of black beans.


Add thinly-sliced scallions, plus chipotle pepper and seasoning, as desired.
Starting with 1/2 teaspoon is a good call for both the two spices I mentioned. Starting with as little chipotle as possible is also for the best- and let the heat simmer up a few minutes in between tastings and adding more. Can also/instead add in some shakes of Tabasco or red pepper flakes.

Turn beans to low to keep warm until serving.


PAM a frying pan and put it over medium-high flame. Put in a tortilla.

(At this point, I added a smear of bottled “Taco Sauce,” just to experiment- worked well, if you want to do the same or make your own!)


Sprinkle on about half a handful (or whatever!) of your grated cheese of choice. Let melt.


Crack an egg over top of the melty-cheesy-yum tortilla. This part is a bit tricky, but just move quickly and smoothly, and it’ll work out: wait a few minutes over a medium heat until the egg white begins to set a little- then use a big (enough) spatula to flip the tortilla over, so egg meets the hot pan directly. Wait a minute or so (or less, depending on how you like your egg), then reflip.



Add toppings! I like a few dollops of not-guac, then topped with a good few scoops of fresh salsa. Finish with a squeeze of lime and a few jalapeño slices for garnish.


Repeat last few steps with the remaining egg (if serving two), then serve. Enjoy!

POLL QUESTION: Do you think I should continue to post recipes with both calorie and cost breakdowns?
I’ve gotten some mixed feedback over time- and especially recently- about how calorie counting is a misleading tool for calculating health. Obviously, calorie numbers don’t indicate anything other than just that, really- it has nothing to do with the nutritional value of an item.

SO, should I remove the calorie breakdown- do you think it is or could be misleading?
AND/OR should I add a nutritional breakdown by ingredient? But one in plain English, of course, not one of those little printed charts on the back of products that are weirdly incredibly unhelpful.

I assume the cost breakdown worth keeping?
What do YOU think? Share below!


2 responses to “Mexican (ish) Eggs & Black Beans Brunch with Salsa & Avocado

  1. this looks amazing claire!! as soon as my break starts, i’m going to make this recipe – probably this friday.

    i think the nutritional breakdown would be more helpful than the calorie breakdown. it’s not really helpful to look at calories, as they mean different things for different foods. like avocados are super fatty, but oh-so-good for u (and v delicious).

    also cost breakdown is v helpful still.

    but obviously, do whatever is simpler for u! this is just my two cents. xx

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