Arugula with Chèvre, Walnuts & Raspberries

Claire’s Quick Fix for March 18, 2013:
A mixture of soft, mellow cheese and tart vinegar, sweet and earthy, the overall contrasting yet complementary flavors in this simple dish really pull the salad together.

Arugula Salad with Chèvre, Walnuts & Raspberries
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1. Per person, plate two loose handfuls of washed, fresh Arugula (aka tiny baby Spinach).
2. Toss in a small handful of raspberries (or, if you’re like me, obsessively place each of several between the leaves just so and then reach for your camera whilst your hungry family waits at the table, complaining).
3. Using a teaspoon and washed fingers, with a balanced aesthetic, allocate out a few mini dollops of goat cheese to each person’s salad.
4. Take out a dry skillet and set it over a medium flame. Add handful of walnuts.
5. Keep walnuts in the pan a few minutes, until they start smelling toast-y and generally more aromatic. Then remove the pan from heat, and set aside.
6. Wait a few minutes for toasted walnuts to cool, then scatter over each salad.
7. Drizzle good quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the top, and serve!


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