Quick Fix: Breakfast Egg Burrito

Claire’s Quick Fix for March 22, 2013:
An easy-squeezey, consume-while-dashing, faux-ethnic savory breakfast dish!

Egg & Bean-Salsa Burrito
1. PAM 2 skillets & place both over medium-high flames.
2. Add tortilla to first pan, wait until lightly toasted and then reduce heat to low.
3. Crack egg carefully into second pan and fry up over-easy. Shake on some Cajun seasoning.
4. When egg is cooked, use spatula to transfer it to the first pan- plop it right down in the middle.
5. Sprinkle with a grated bit of cheese of choice.
6. When the cheese has melted, immediately plate the tortilla-and-egg.
7. Top with dollop of store-bought salsa (I LOVE Trader Joe’s fresh tomato, corn & black bean salsa) OR whip up your own real quick with just a few basic ingredients! (See MY recipe here.)
8. Top salsa pile with a few scallion slices. Feel free to add a shake or two of Tabasco, as per your taste.
9. Finish by folding in the two opposite sides of tortilla and then rolling it up into a bundle. (This is as articulate as I’m going to get with this-in the chance anyone needs help understanding “burrito,” I’m sure there’s something weird but helpful on Youtube.)



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