Savory Fruit Salad with White Balsamic

A fabulously light, tangy and refreshing quick fix for the end of summer! Tweak ingredients and amounts to suit your tastes and number of Elegant Eaters.

peach, sliced
cucumber, diced
tomato, sliced
figs, sliced
walnuts, toasted
goat cheese
olive oil
white balsamic vinegar
onion, few thin slices for garnish and then at least 1/8th of one minced

Assemble your fresh fruit (and cucumber!) ingredients on small plates. Dot a couple tiny tabs of goat cheese onto each medley. Top with a few onion slices.

For every two eaters, toss half a handful of walnuts onto an un-oiled saucepan and toast over high heat for just a couple minutes until starting to char. Move immediately to plates.

Mix up the easy dressing to drizzle: in a small jar, whisk together at least two teaspoons of your minced onion with at least a tablespoon of olive oil and at least half that in white balsamic vinegar. Add more to taste, as needed.

Spoon dressing generously over each plate. Turn on some jazz and enjoy.



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