Bean Burgers with Eggs & Smoked Salmon

for three burgers:
1 (15.5oz) can black beans
1/4th onion
3 garlic cloves, minced
cumin and red pepper flakes, to taste
salt and pepper, to taste

for other layers!
PAM or vegetable oil
2 tbsp plain yogurt
6 oz smoked salmon
3 eggs, fried
salt & pepper

sliced avocado
minced onions cooked in white balsamic vinegar
roasted veg leftovers (like the Brussels sprouts I use here)

Black Bean Burger Time!
beans in can

Drain beans and put into a large mixing bowl.
beans in bowl

If you’re fancy, use a potato masher or blender or some description to turn your beans into as much of a paste as you can manage. (I used a fork.)

Add spices. S&P. Mix. Don’t forget to taste-test!
beans in bowl with spices

Take half an onion and dice it up!
beans in bowl with spices

Add at least 1/2th of your diced onion (1/4th of the whole onion) to the beans mix.
diced onion

beans with onion

Add your minced garlic.

beans with garlic

Crack in your egg and mix it all up.
beans with egg

Bit by bit, add flour to the beans and mix until the mixture becomes thick and batter-like.
beans with flour

beans with flour mixed in

PAM a frying pan and spoon in enough bean batter for a burger-sized pancake. Don’t make it too big or too thick so it can still be flipped!
raw burger in pan

After about 3 minutes, AS CAREFULLY AS POSSIBLE, flip the bean burger! Actually, think of it less as flipping and far more as carefully and slowing it turning over.
burger with spatula

Here’s my first burger (of three!) flipped:
flipped burger

Make sure to use your spatula to keep the shape nice and round.
Check out THIS gorgeous thing!
finished burger

Plate each burger and add a dollop of plain yogurt.
burger with dollop

Add about 2oz smoked salmon to each burger. This is the first layer of magnificence! (I just ate this so I am still very excited!)
burger with salmon layer

Here’s a side-view with the main layers I used here:
finished from the side (1) black bean burger
(2) plain yogurt dollop
(3) 2oz smoked salmon
(4) roasted Brussel sprouts train
(5) egg fried over-easy with paprika dusting

Final pic close-up with added avocado slices and minced (leftover from earlier) onion sauteed in white balsamic vinegar! With a fresh dusting of black pepper.
final close-up with avocado

What’s YOUR favorite accidental pantry surprise masterpiece?


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