FEAST 2014: Seasonal Food Calendar


Meet FEAST 2014:

my new,  illustrated seasonal food calendar! 

As you can see with example on left, each of the 12 pages includes the basic days block,

PLUS an illustration or two by moi of some kinda produce that is seasonally available in that month.

(That is cabbage. Or whatever other edible your mind jumps to.)

Check out the full spread of fruit & veg pen-and-inks in the pic below–

pic from when I was piling the little (half-page) calendars together for binding!

Wanna buy one o these little beauts?

I just listed ’em as a first-time Etsy seller (& totally into tips/ideas if any established sellers reading this)!


These smashing 5.5×5.8 calendars are $15 each– comes to16.50 at MOST, including shipping! Follow the above link for more deets. Feedback of any kind welcomed, as always.

And, taking requests for personalized calendars!


4 responses to “FEAST 2014: Seasonal Food Calendar

  1. so cute. and such an amazing idea! go you! 🙂 i hope you sell loads! the vegetable for the month of june is so pretty. is that kale?

    also i like how november is the first picture 😛 hehe

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