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Hi, I’m Claire!

I graduated from Bard College in 2011 with a degree in Human Rights, and am now pursuing a health education certificate at New York Medical! I’m especially interested in health issues affecting youth, and my primary academic focus is ensuring access to comprehensive health and wellness education! This healthy cooking blog represents my nutrition-related side of my interests (as well as my love of eating good food).

I first became committed to finding relatively easy, affordable, and delicious recipes that somehow also managed to be healthy while at Bard; I learned to cook out of necessity, to stave off all the dining hall’s lard-fueled library naps and lethargic class periods when I’d rather have been actively engaged and contributing. My varied experiences as an RA and in different health educator roles confirmed my interest in healthy cooking as a foundation for healthy living. I was continually confronted with a major gap between how much we humans need to know about how to take care of ourselves- and how much (if anything) we actually know.

Also, it seems that fewer and fewer people know how to cook (especially young people!) which of course means lots of junk-eating and crash-dieting and detoxing and other unhealthy behaviors that often reflect a poor grasp of science. And that’s crazy! Especially as cooking is really fun, and it’s a skill anyone can learn. So! Elegant Eating is my fun little side project that I hope will encourage readers to eat beautiful meals for better health.

For more health and body wellness-related tidbits, follow me on Twitter!

I totally welcome any comments, ideas or other feedback!


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