Everything one eats should be delicious and beautiful- in other words, elegant. Just think: how would your diet change if you only ate what you believed to be both delicious and beautiful? With the right knowledge, tools and practice, anyone can learn to cook food that is not only tasty and nutritious, but also affordable and elegant; it is the purpose of these recipes to help readers on their way to this cooking and eating style.

Mother’s Day 2012- Breakfast in Bed!


Do you wanna get healthy and stay healthy?

Detoxes are silly. Diets don’t work. Not only do many dieters gain back lost weight, but the very concept of “dieting” is an unhappy one. What we need instead is a change in our overall, long-term eating habits and eating style. We need to choose to eat mostly vegetables not as a temporary commitment to fit into a bathing suit, but as a permanent decision, to secure better current and future personal health. This choice is imperative; we cannot, after all, live without our bodies.

My recipes concentrate on an eating style of “mostly plants” (a la Michael Pollan) and lean proteins, with limited simple carbs and only occasional meat. I try to avoid recipes that include yogurt or cream cheese or butter as a major ingredient. I also try to create recipes with a low-to-reasonable number of calories per serving. Not sure how many calories you should be eating a day? Head over to MyPlate.gov and set up a profile! This awesome site not only calculates your BMI and gives you a personalized recommended daily calorie count, but also provides you with a well-detailed daily food plan.

My style of cooking and eating is based on a concept of “faux-grandeur” that my friends and I jokingly developed in college. Everyone appreciates the nicer things in life, so why not try to incorporate that idea into your life as best you can? We attempted to fill our dorms and lives and plates with the beautiful, elegant, and grand, despite our desperate lack of funds (that’s where the “faux” comes in)- with surprisingly successful results. And I encourage everyone to live their life this way.

Everyone deserves to be healthy, to have access to the tools and skills needed to make the most of limited grocery funds, and to be treated to lovely, well-cooked dinners, laid out prettily on china- even if it’s from the thriftstore.

The End of an Afternoon Tea


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  1. Claire- This looks great- thanks for sharing it with me : ) Congratulations on graduating and so glad you are pursuing policy work- perhaps we will meet up in the field one day.

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